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  • Hello. I recently had the pleasure of tasting your man and mistress sauces and it was absolutely amazing. The man sauce is probably my favorite of all time. -- Riley
  • Dear Tom's Garden, Last Saturday I purchased a bottle of your 'Man Sauce' on a whim from Jungle Jim's Fairfield location, and without doubt this is the best tasting hot sauce I've ever tried, bar none. I'm not an expert, not a self-professed "chili head", and in these 38 years I've probably only tried a hundred or so different hot sauces, but your product resulted in you being the only one I've ever contacted. I will be sure to let all my friends who enjoy pepper sauces about your product, and will return very soon to purchase more to use as gifts. Thank you so much for taking all the time and effort to that you have create such a wonderful product to introduce to the world! Most sincerely. -- Adam
  • I was visiting fam in Fairborn and we went on a Jungle Jim excursion. I bought your "Mistress" sauce and am now in LOVE with it! -- John
  • I just tried the mistress and it is amazing!!! Great heat but also fantastic flavor. It's my new fave! -- Erin
  • One day while shopping at Jungle Jim's here in Cincinnati, I found your Heatwave Shake. I loved it and so have my peers. Thank you for making a great dry rub/seasoning.-- Paul
  • Hi, I just wanted to say I'm a big fan of your Mistress sauce. It combines a great pepper taste with a wicked heat that, for me, is just under untollerable but gives me quite a burn that keeps me coming back everytime. I love really hot stuff and this sauce, with the ghost peppers in it, is perfect. Keep up the good work. --Brenton
  • You recommended adding the Mistress Sauce to brownie mix. Well, I did just that and they turned out wonderful. I took them to a football party the next day and they were an absolute hit. Thanks for the recipe! --Ben
  • My boyfriend Doug and I came across your products one day when you were in Kroger in Beavercreek Ohio and you were giving samples of your product, we stopped to try some and decided to buy a couple of your products. We just want to tell you that the dry Habanero seasoning and the Man Sauce have completely changed our lives! Haha I put the dry seasoning on literally everything and Doug puts both the dry seasoning and the Man Sauce on everything! We just want to let you know your products are amazing and we are spreading the word! -- Ashley
  • Hey Tom, JUST wanted to tell you my Wife and I are having your Breasts to Butt's Sauce right now. We were at Kroger Today and you talked me into a Bottle. It's EXCELLENT! I have a new favorite sauce. Thanks...Andy :)
  • Hello Tom, I met you at the Waynesville Saurerkraut Festival this year and had the opportunity to try some of your dry rubs and bbq sauce. I have to tell you these are absolutely fantastic. The flavor is incredible. I am pretty sure I told you that I consider myself a condiment conissuer - I have removed all of the other condiments on my fridge door and replaced them with only your items. No need to have any of the other stuff. Keep up the great work and amazing products!!! --
  • I took a gift box of your sauces and spices home to Montana for a Chinese gift exchange. It was the most fought-over present there. I will keep sending your products! --DJ
  • Thanks Tom! On Sunday, I found a beautiful, fully-stocked endcap at the Kroger on Stroop.  (It was glorious!)  Then I brought home 6 jars of mustard. We are a military family and one day, we won't be local anymore.  I hope when that time comes, I can order by the case.  :-)  -- DJ
  • This Howlin' Jalapeno Mustard I got from you in Dayton, at the Home and Garden show, is just outstanding. By far and away the best Mustard I have ever tried. Thanks for what you do, can not wait to get more Howlin' and I think I will pick up some Man Sauce while I am at it. -- Justin
  • I purchased some of your sweet and mild BBQ sauce at the Minster Octoberfest. It is by far the best BBQ I have ever had. -- Ryan
  • Hi Tom, I met you in Oakley Kroger a few months back. Tasted your sauces and loved them all. The spiciest one was my favorite, but I settled for Butts to Breasts so my woman could also enjoy. We're hooked. -- Donald
  • The Habanero "MAN SAUCE " is in the top 3,if not my number ONE hot sauce!!! Absolutely Fantastic!!! The first bottle was gone in 3 days!!! -- Paul
  • Regarding our new jelly: "Just tried this for the first time tonight and it is amazing!!!!! I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys sweet heat...and even those who don't. It's devilishly heavenly!" -- April
  • Love the jalapeƱo mustard all the way in Texas --James